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The McCain Ranch Forum

The Rifleman....."Welcome to the McCain Ranch!"
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The Hotel Madera

Everyone here at the ranch would like to welcome y'all to The McCain Ranch. This is our "Welcome Center". Be sure & stop by and say "Hi" to everyone. Those of you who are already a member, be sure and give them a big hearty welcoming!

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Like it or not


The McCain Ranch Front Porch

It has been over 60 years since The Rifleman first visited our living rooms. Grab your boots and saddle and get ready to ride as we revisit the McCain's! Lucas, Mark & Micah gather here to talk about The Rifleman. What better place to discuss The Rifleman then his own front porch.

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Let’s play a game...


Suggestions? Questions?

If you have any suggestions / questions about the ranch, please post them here and ruskin or Cowgirl will get back to you.

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New WordPress site


North Fork News - Members Only!

Please check this room from time to time. The announcements in this room are for Members Only and only members can see this room. You must be logged in to view this room.

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Back from 3 weeks


North Fork News - Public Announcements

Anything new with The Rifleman or anything that might be of interest to everyone in general will be posted here.

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Attention: Migrating...


Member Only - freebies

For those of you who are new to this section or maybe not aware of it: from time to time I will load pictures in this section which I call freebies. They are yours to download free and print out or do whatever you want to do with them.

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Horsin' around at the McCain Corral
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Support Johnny Crawford

A message from Stacey: As many of you know, Johnny Crawford has Alzheimer's and is now living in a memory care residence. He is now mostly non-verbal, and he can no longer sign autographs or sing. I have been working with his older brother Bobby to help with fund-raising for Johnny's specialized care. In order to help folks stay up to date on Johnny and our efforts, Cowgirl & Judymcl has very kindly created this room for us.
Thank you for your support!

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Weekly Reports on Jo...


Mark's Room 2015 to present

Mark McCain was as important to the show as the Rifleman himself. Let's talk about his sweet nature and sensitivity. Always learning from Lucas, sometimes the hard way, fear of losing his only parent, times he got into trouble, their respect for each other, and how he was portrayed as a motherless kid but had the insight and determination of a disciplined adult.

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Nice long interview ...


The Rifleman Trivia & Games Section - 2015 to present

Do you think you know all there is to know about The Rifleman? Well let's just see how much we all know about this show & it's characters.

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Mark & Lucas mee...


Barnyard Blunders - 2015 to present

Chit Chat on bloopers and things worth mentioning!

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New Blooper for Deat...


The Movie Theatre

Do you have a movie you would recommend? Maybe a movie you would like to talk about? Let's hear it what you have to say!

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Father son shows lik...


The Real West – Fact or Fiction

We all know what the movies and Western shows tell us about the old West, but what are the facts? Here, we’ll discuss what these truths are, and get a better idea of what life was like in the real West!

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The Great Hangings o...


Unusual Words, Phrases, or Expressions

Gather round the ol' cracker-barrel for some down-home talk about the usual words, phrases,or expressions that puzzle you as you watch The Rifleman.

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The Writer's Corner

If you have a story to post, this is the place to do so. This is where you can show off your talent. Once you have finished posting your story, please send me a copy of it in it's original format to add it to this section of The McCain Ranch website. We here at the ranch enjoy these great stories, keep 'em coming!

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themcainranch - Archives / January 6, 2009 - XXXXX 2015
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All Archives / 2014 and prior

2014 and prior posts - (sub-forums)
We would like to thank each and every one of you who has posted to this section of the ranch. Although you can no longer post to this section, please feel free to refer to or link to this section for reference.

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Welcome to the North...


Front Porch/The Rifleman Archives

2014 and prior - Amalgamated rooms, Front Porch / The Rifleman / Stage Depot / Telegraph Office / N. F. Saloon / Poker Room / Barber Shop

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Welcome to the North...


The Movie Theatre Archives

2014 and prior posts. This section has been amalgamated with archives from The Ol' West Video Place with sub -forum for YouTube & the stars.

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The Homesman 2014


A Walk Down Memory Lane with Ralph Moratz

A Walk Down Memory Lane with Ralph Moratz.
This section is a tribute to one of our members and also a character actor.
Sadly, Ralph passed away on March 10, 2016, he was 84. You will be missed here at the ranch!
May you rest in peace Cowboy!

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Forum is empty


Mark's Room Archives

Everything to do with Mark 2014 and prior! Amalgamated rooms, Marks room / N. F. School/ When I grow up... Plus sub forums.

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Excuses not to go to...


Archived phpBB

Information or areas that are no longer working or valid in the new forum.

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Subscribing to forum...