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How would you like to seen Chuck?  

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Yeah, handsome, um... I really can't explain how he looks like. He looks nice for an older man.

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Posted : 11/08/2020 9:20 am

any time....anywhere...... in those tight jeans....Chuck was even a handsome older gentleman. they broke the mold for handsome.....after Chuck ...
Well, it depends on what kind of physical looks one is attracted to. Chuck was OK for a 6' 5", blue eyed, reddish blond, square jawed and rugged built guy, which fit very well for his western roles. However, he would never have made a Rhett Butler!!!

Sorry, Wildwest, but I couldn't resist. My comment was not meant to offend you or anyone else. It's just my opinion.

Actually I think Chuck would have done a better job as Rhett Butler than Clark Gable. Gone With The Wind is one of my favorite books, and Rhett had three essential characteristics. He was arrogant, he was brutal, and he was vulnerable. Clark Gable filled the bill for the first two items but he didn't want to be seen as vulnerable. I read that they had a terrible time with him for the crying scene after Scarlett falls down the stairs. Clark managed a little weepy eyes, but he didn't really break down like Luke did over Mark. And at the end, Clark really didn't seem like Rhett at all. In the book, Rhett is weary unto death, and very unhappy. Clark just seems like he's phoning it in. I've never really cared for Clark Gable, so maybe I'm just not seeing anything very noteworthy in his performance. Like you said, Judy, it's just my opinion.

Chuck, on the other hand, could be arrogant and brutal. He did such a good job as a slave owner in Roots that Alex Haley asked him not to come to a party Haley was throwing because Haley was afraid feelings were running too high against Chuck. And Chuck could also be very vulnerable, which was quite a feat for such a big strong man. He had no qualms about breaking down and sobbing, like in Vision or Face of Yesterday. He would have knocked Rhett's vulnerable scenes out of the park. Again, just my opinion and we can agree to disagree. :happycowboy:


Posted : 11/08/2020 10:27 am
Lucas McCain/The Rifleman Ranch Hand, Alumni

Judy I like your comparison to Clark Gable He's a handsome hunk too. I am from his home state and I have visited the museum they have in his birth town Cadiz. I have met several cast members from Gone with the Wind (now deceased) and I have met his son John Clark Gable, who is not as handsome as his Dad

But I also like the way you described Chuck..... . Chuck was OK for a 6' 5", blue eyed, reddish blond, square jawed and rugged built guy, which fit very well for his western roles.

Chuck was the total package and we forgot to mention his smile and his eyes twinkled when he smiled. and no one filled out a pair of Wranglers like he did.....I think I need my vapors!!!!!

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Posted : 13/08/2020 8:28 am
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