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Do you use Facebook?  

Mark McCain Admin

Off topic question:
Just a curiosity, how many of us use Facebook?
I do but not a whole lot. I keep a page, look at stuff and that's about it. The marketplace is pretty good though. I've sold a few things on there. Met a couple of other sewing machine enthusiasts locally which is cool because we don't know many people since moving here last year.

Judy M

Posted : 04/12/2019 10:04 am
Reputable Member Alumni

I belong to several groups, and use the local marketplaces a lot.
Better than eBay for many things, as it is local to wherever you live...
Just meet someplace, and get rid of stuff!
If no one takes the stuff, then you can go through the hassle and expense of eBay!! :rolleyescowboy:


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Posted : 04/12/2019 6:46 pm
Lucas McCain/The Rifleman Ranch Hand, Alumni

Yes I use it a lot, it's how I keep track of family and friends. If you're careful who you friend you can get a lot of good information and posts and not all the junk

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Posted : 05/12/2019 7:53 am
Mark McCain Admin

I've met a couple vintage sewing machine people like me in person through the marketplace and actually got one of my "mystery" sewing machines identified by one of them. Turned out we possibly have a real good find there.

I agree Dan about eBay and Marketplace. I've sold a few things now and they seem to go faster there too. What I didn't like about eBay was how the sellers lower the price of the item, then jack up the cost of shipping to something absolutely unrealistic. Like for instance, they would charge $70 USD shipping on something that would normally go as lettermail for about $4.

My husband likes those "bid wars" groups... I never caught on to it. But he's gotten us some nice stuff through it for really cheap... lamps for $10 etc.

Judy M

Posted : 06/12/2019 10:04 am
Trail Boss Ranch Hand

I do but I’m getting ready to take a break. I end up spending way too much time on there...

Posted : 19/12/2019 9:50 am