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[Sticky] Begin a new.....  

Lucas McCain/The Rifleman Admin

To my McCain Ranch family,
I want us all to put this behind us. If you can't, then you should move on. As far as I am concerned this will never be mention again on the ranch. What all of you do privately (PM/email) is your own business. I just ask that all of you give the same respect to each other as you would to Lucas & Mark.

We all have our faults, such as Lucas, when he to was disrespectful to Miss Julia or Mark to Colly Vane.

Lucas would not be proud of the way we acted and would probably take each of us by the ear to the kitchen like he did Mark in The Boarding House or send us to bed without supper.

I am especially proud of lilyrose for all of her apologies she gave to everyone. It just shows what a kind person she is and I am proud to have her here as a member, as I am all of you. Please don't let me down!

Please feel free, anytime, that you can come to me no matter what, I am here for all of you!

I don't have a problem with the name we use, whether it be Lucas or Luke, we all know who we are talking about, although I to was set back when I first heard Luke. It's different hearing it on TV, but I was set back a bit as some of you were.

Let's just have fun and enjoy the ranch, and please make any new members feel at home. Remember, we were all new once!

Ok now, Let's get posting and writing stories!

I have heard from Dan and he did not mention anything about coming back, which I think that is out of the question for now.

“You made a mistake a long time ago. I guess I made one just now,” Lucas admitted. As Lucas walked out of the boarding house, Micah throws down a stone. When Lucas asked him what that was for, he simply stated, “The first stone, Lucas boy!”

"Keep your 'sites' on The Rifleman"
"The Rifleman hits the 'Mark' every week on abc."
A cowgirl's work is never done.

Posted : 23/07/2020 7:34 am