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[Sticky] The Rifleman DVD's on EBay - Buyer Beware!  

Lucas McCain/The Rifleman Admin

Attention all members and non-members!

It has been brought to my attention that the new Rifleman - Season 1 DVD sets are being sold on EBay.  The cost of these DVD's are quite a bit more then the ones you can buy from LGL Productions.

The bid starts out $99.00 or you can 'Buy it Now' for $128.99.

These prices are far more then the original cost of the DVD's on LGL Production site - which sells for $69.95

I can't imagine the fans buying these off of EBay & paying more for these DVD's when they can purchase them from the General Store at LGL Productions, the official website of "The Rifleman"

Get your copy now.....

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Posted : 08/05/2017 5:33 am