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A 1957 Movie Tomahawk Trail  

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Chuck Connors as Sgt. Wade McCoy
Susan Cummings as Ellen Carter

George N. Neise as Lt. Jonathan Davenport (as George Neise)
George appeared on The Rifleman in episode #68 Smoke Screen as Roger Quenton the traveling salesman. He's the one who almost got away with killing Marge Crandell.

left to right.....

Fritz Ford as Pvt. Macy

Eddie Little Sky as Johnny Dogwood

Robert Knapp as Pvt. Barrow

Chuck Connors as Sgt. Wade McCoy

John Smith as Pvt. Reynolds

*All of the above appeared on The Rifleman except for John Smith

"Keep your 'sites' on The Rifleman"
"The Rifleman hits the 'Mark' every week on abc."
A cowgirl's work is never done.

Posted : 16/07/2017 2:08 pm